Three More Cops Killed: Antigovernment “Sovereign Citizen Group” Member Responsible

Police were recently targeted and attacked again, this time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The attacker was a member of an antigovernment "sovereign citizen group” and not affiliated with BLM. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"But Gavin Long’s life — a life that had seemed, in many ways, deeply, and even typically, American — also became a web of paranoid ideas, a professed allegiance to an antigovernment “sovereign citizen group” and a belief that “bloodshed” was a better tool than peaceful protest in the fight against oppression.

On Sunday, Mr. Long died on a commercial street here in a shootout with the police. It was his 29th birthday. He killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others. On Monday, a State Police spokesman said Mr. Long had been “targeting” officers, though his motives otherwise remain murky.

Mr. Long had been a resident of Kansas City, Mo., and it is also unclear what he was doing in Baton Rouge, though a video that appears to have been posted by him shows him in the Louisiana capital discussing the July 5 fatal police shooting of a fellow African-American man, Alton B. Sterling. In the video, Mr. Long also hawks one of his books and expounds on his theories of life, success strategies and Afrocentric business practices.

Though the police here have released little information about Mr. Long, a deeper portrait is beginning to emerge, based on a large trail left online.

Many of these digital breadcrumbs — web posts, YouTube videos and podcasts — are tied to Mr. Long’s given name, or some version of a new name, Cosmo Ausar Setepenra, which he filed court documents in Missouri to adopt in May 2015. (He never petitioned the court, so the name change was not legally binding, officials said.) Some of these posts and videos included biographical and personal information that aligned with the information released by the authorities.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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    • Anyone who uses words like cuck should immediately drink bleach. Seriously,
      your future is going to suck. lol

  1. USA is too liberal – thats the problem. If u crush black (and any other)
    criminals with violence in a couple of years black people (and others)
    became extremely law-obedient and there will be no issues with black-police
    racial misunderstanding. In my country criminals were crushed with violence
    and massive human rights violation and in couple of years the country
    become like top safest country on that planet being before one of the most
    criminal country with very bad reputation.

    • +Ace Diamonds Its not an easy task and must be done with a political will
      to do it no matter what. Our last government did it skillfully – police was
      not brutal but rather persistent in crushing any crime activity no matter
      what, breaking laws if necessary and violating human rights. But police
      attitude to other law-obedient citizens became extremely polite and
      helpful. So the police still had very positive image in the country. That
      government eventually lost elections because of brutal human rights
      violations but they did the job – we are still very safe country with
      almost zero crime comparing with what we had before.

    • +Ace Diamonds It depends on trust. I dont trust government if it spies on
      us to protect from terrorist. And I dont consider terrorists as a major
      threat especially if your country’s foreign policy is – I mind my own
      business. Criminals on the other hand are more real in everyday life if u
      dont crush them. So I dont mind if government sometimes violates their
      rights if its is extremely effective in reducing crimes. But first u need
      to reform the Police, which my government did – they start by firing almost
      all of them cause they where extremely corrupt. New police has very high
      rates even now.

  2. Innocent lives are lost in the battles of a war. Fox News and people of
    their ilk started and cultivated the “culture war,” nursed the dying embers
    of racism and bigotry back to health, and stoking the flames of the
    “culture war,” until it became the raging, out of control inferno that it
    is today. But now hopeless citizens are fighting back and killing those
    they view as the enemy in this “culture war.” I’m not saying it’s right but
    make no mistake, that is the situation. Everyone hates everyone and no one
    is interested in understanding other people’s perspectives, let alone
    empathizing with them. Thus, no peaceful solutions are plausible. As long
    as this “culture war” situation exists, there will be innocent lives lost
    in the battles of war.

    • +Phantom And you’re full of astute analysis. You offer an excellent point
      of view and a clear solution to a very serious problem that is plaguing the
      entire nation. You should really be proud that you shared the depth of your
      cognitive abilities with the entire world.

  3. Cops and white people are losing their minds now that their own innocent
    people are getting killed. Welcome to our side of the tracks. Soak in what
    Black people go through damn near daily.

    • +Michael 마익흘 Aronson My my you’re feeling touchy. I’m sure TYTs anti cop
      propaganda had nothing to do with his views…

  4. *The Young Turks:* Three More Cops Killed: Antigovernment “Sovereign
    Citizen Group” Member Responsible.

    *The Real News:* Police Accountability Driving Violent Retaliation by Lone

    Isn’t hard to spot which ‘news’ service is actually trying to be objective
    and not all coked out on california crimson.

    Anyone who knows the ‘sovereign’ movement knows that it’s all about
    self-defense, not offence, any claim otherwise, is what is expected from
    the Red Sea Pedestrians.

    • “Anyone who knows the ‘sovereign’ movement knows that it’s all about
      self-defense, not offence, ” What? You do know that there have been several
      incidents of violence among sovereign citizens groups, right? Several of
      them are considered terrorist groups by the FBI. The problem with your
      reasoning, is that you seem to think its all one big group and its not. Its
      MANY small groups, most of which have different views and tactics. Sorry
      but you just don’t have a realistic view of it.

  5. If you celebrated Independence Day you should not be angry at this guy’s

    • +jimmynerdbomb37 yes because an Ar-15 can beat an ac130, predator drone w/
      thermal sights, and a mic that can hear you breathing from miles away, and
      the most powerful military on EARTH.

  6. Sure the BLM murderer was really just an “Anti-government right winger”
    after all. BULLSHIT! Tyt’s propaganda knows no bounds. Kyle at Seculartalk
    is atleast a sane and fair voice for the left, but TYT is beyond the pale.

  7. You see, Alt Right losers? The right wing fringe anti-government activists
    are *also* likely to attack law enforcement. The Black Lives Matter
    movement actually does not actively promote this behavior, but right wing
    fringe groups do…why do you think they emphasize the theory of using the
    Second Amendment to defend against “government tyranny.”

    • 2nd amendment when whitey’s got cops in cross hairs, But home grown
      terrorism when shade goes beyond pale. Cowards, be they servant or master,
      get little peace, above or below ground. While those who muster courage
      have joy in them in that moment of trial, whether winner or loser.

  8. A “Sovereign Citizen Group” was responsible. But watch how many people will
    project their bias, and say he was part of BLM or BLM caused this.

    • Please do research. He openly stated that he doesn’t affiliate himself with
      any group. Blaming any group for his purely racist actions is nothing short
      of you trying to make him seem less racist than he really is.

  9. look how sweaty this guy gets when he speaks. His guilt and bullshit is
    dripping out of his pores.

  10. one could argue that BLM is also taking the right’s message to heart too:
    if you believe the government is treating you unfairly get guns and shoot
    at them.

  11. More black crime added to the FBI crime stats,so the libtards can keep
    saying they dindu nuffin.

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